3D AOI mount welding defects nowhere to hide

ALD87 Series
Faced with the detection of micro-structures such as QFN and LGA components with fine spacing, and with high reliability and quality requirements, 2D technology is difficult to detect. Shenzhou Vision ALeader 3D AOI, with high precision and a wide range! Combined with high brightness and high chroma blue light technology and the ultra-high stability of Moire fringe 3D imaging, it perfectly interprets the 3D vision of ultra-real Lin and overcomes the shortcomings of 2D technology.


unique optical system provides accurate and reliable 3D measurements without sacrificing 2D image quality

Shenzhou Vision ALeader developed a unique technology with high precision and wide range, which can simultaneously obtain high-quality 2D images and shadow-free 3D measurement, covering the detection requirements of the smallest components and solder joints in current production.

intelligent automatic programming technology, quickly complete the production of the program, industry-leading

multi-directional surround to ensure the best 3D detection capability

AI deep learning 40 +, the system automatically matches the best 3D detection algorithm

3D numerical optimization of the entire SMT process for greater automation

perfect IPC standard public library, simple operation interface, programming handy

Set the displacement according to the IPC-610 standard, the result of the measurement of the height of the climbing tin


simple programming, friendly and intuitive user interface

Item and Package Link Common Library

unknown components

No standard components can be simple and fast definition

IC Pin Automatic Detection Device

More than 90% of programs can be operated offline

one click

Easily Set Skip Components

Efficient debugging program

Test Result Confirmation

ensures that the operator does not miss the bad detected by the AOI

Easy to find component location on PCB

clear component top and 3D interactive images for reliable verification

no real board need to make a decision

Reviewing Detection History

Operator Feedback

multiple AOI machines using the same repair station

Process Control

Real-time SPC Charts

Historical Review and Analysis





3D AOI Series Technical Parameters

Function Parameters




detection SMT reflow furnace
detection method 3D shape depth learning, TOC, Match, Short, IC, OCR, OCV, Location and other international leading algorithms, the system automatically sets its parameters according to different detection points
Camera Ultra High Speed Smart Digital Industrial Camera + Telecentric Lens
Resolution/Visual Range/Speed standard: 14 & micro;m/Pixel FOV:56.00mm x 42.00mm detection speed <600ms/FOV
Standard: 10 & micro;m/Pixel FOV:40.00mm x 30.00mm detection speed <600ms/FOV
Standard: 7 & micro;m/Pixel FOV:28.00mm x 21.00mm detection speed <600ms/FOV
light source 3D color LED light source + digital coding LED light source
Programming Mode Gerber,CAD data import automatically corresponds to component library
remote control In the local area network, through the TCP/IP network to achieve remote operation, to view, start or stop the machine running, modify the program and other operations
Detection Overlay Type Missing parts, offset, skew, monument erection, side erection, turnover, wrong parts, damage, reverse, component height measurement, warping,
More tin, less tin, false welding, short circuit and other poor appearance
Special Features supports automatic retrieval of programs, multi-board multi-program detection function, positive and negative program detection function
SPC and Process Regulation Record the test data and make statistics and analysis in the whole process. The local area network can view the production status and quality analysis through remote control or remote monitoring, and can output report formats such as Excel, Txt and Word.
bar code system automatic barcode recognition (1-dimensional or 2-dimensional code)
Server Mode adopts a central data server, which can centrally manage several AOI data.
operating system Windows 10 64-bit Enterprise Edition
Inspection Result Output 23.6 inch touch screen flat panel monitor
system parameters System Specifications
PCB size range 50×50mm(Min)~450×500mm(Max) 50×50mm(Min)~650×700mm(Max) 50×50mm(Min)~650×330mm(Max)
double track equipment 1 track is fixed, 2, 3 and 4 tracks can be adjusted, the minimum size between 2 and 3 tracks is 50mm, and the maximum size of 1 and 4 tracks is 710mm;
In case of single track: the maximum width of the track is 600mm; in case of double track: the maximum width of both tracks is 330mm (testable width);
PCB thickness range 0.2 to 5mm
PCB clamping system edge clearance TOP:3 mm Bottom:3 mm
Maximum PCB weight 3KG
PCB bending <5mm or 2% of PCB diagonal length
PCB upper and lower clear height monorail: PCB top: 40 mm PCB bottom: 50mm; Double rail: PCB top: 40 mm PCB bottom: 40mm
Conveyor system Bottom-up fixed, automatic compensation PCB bending deformation, automatic in and out of the board, flat belt, automatic width adjustment
Conveyor Ground Clearance 870 to 970mm
Conveyor flow direction monorail: can be set to left & rarr; right & rarr; left; double track: factory set to left & rarr; right & rarr; left
X/Y Platform Driver screw and AC servo motor drive, PCB fixed, Camera moving in X/Y direction, CTQ certified
Power AC230V 50/60Hz less than 1.8KVA
air pressure 0.4~0.8 Mpa
pre-and post-device communication Smema
Equipment Weight about 850KG about 1050KG about 1100KG
Equipment Dimensions 1000mm * 1340mm * 1610mm (L * W * H) does not include the height of the signal lamp 1200mm * 1540mm * 1610mm (L * W * H) does not include the height of the signal lamp 1200mm * 1540mm * 1610mm (L * W * H) does not include the height of the signal lamp
ambient temperature and humidity 10~35 ℃ 35 ~ 80% RH (no condensation)
Equipment safety regulations meets CE safety standards
options thimble; SPC maintenance station; off-line programming; external bar code recognizer; UPS