SIPLACE TX Micron Placement

1.Placement speed up to 96,000 cph
2.The SIPLAPlacement accuracy 25/20 µm @ 3 sigma down to 15 μm (equipped with vacuum tooling)
3.SPCB dimensions (l x w),Dual: 50 mm x 45 mm to 375 mm x 260 mm,With vacuum tooling (for 15 µm): 50 mm x 55 mm to 250 mm x 100 mm,Single: 50 mm x 45 mm to 375 mm x 460 mm
4.Small footprint: 1.00 m x 2.23 m x 1.45 m
5.Feeder slots up to 80 x 8 mm, Jedec Tray
6.Linear Dipping Unit with inspection via vision system and auto cavity
















High speed and high accuracy for submodules and SiPs



With an accuracy down to 15 μm at 3 sigma, the new SIPLACE TX micron modules operate with top accuracy. Thanks to the careful selection of hardware components like high-resolution measurement scales made of glass ceramics and sophisticated software algorithms, every module will ensure a superior product yield at all times.








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This unique combination of accuracy and record-breaking speed of up to 96,000 cph makes the SIPLACE TX micron the clear winner in the race for high-volume and high accurate placing of modules, system-in- packages and other applications focusing on miniaturization.






  • Placement speed up to 96,000 cph


  • Placement accuracy 25/20 µm @ 3 sigma down to 15 μm (equipped with vacuum tooling)


  • PCB dimensions (l x w)

Dual: 50 mm x 45 mm to 375 mm x 260 mm

With vacuum tooling (for 15 µm): 50 mm x 55 mm to 250 mm x 100 mm

Single: 50 mm x 45 mm to 375 mm x 460 mm


  • Small footprint: 1.00 m x 2.23 m x 1.45 m


  • Feeder slots up to 80 x 8 mm, Jedec Tray


  • Certifications: Semi S2/S8, clean room class ISO 7


  • Minimum placement force: 0.5 N for sensitive components


  • Touchless placement: Highest placement quality for highly sensitive components


  • Linear Dipping Unit with inspection via vision system and auto cavity











NEW for the SIPLACE TX micron: SIPLACE Tray Unit



SIPLACE Tray Unit enables non-stop feeding of components in a tray with a compact design. Maximum flexibility characterized by the following points:


  • Productivity: Non-stop refilling, fast carrier changeover
  • Storage capacity: 30 levels in main storage+ 12 levels in cache storage
  • Large tray capacity: 355mm x 275mm (2x JEDEC per level )
  • Footprint: Minimized protrusion
  • Random setup: RFID on each layer
  • Clarity: LED indicator for each level




























































Hit the ground running with smart financing for the SIPLACE SX

As the economy recovers, global demand is on the rise again. You want to keep up with the competition, invest in new capacities and upgrade your equipment, but classic bank loans are too rigid, and the negotiations take too long?

ASMPT has the solution for you

Together with our financing partner Siemens Finance Services (SFS), we offer modern and highly flexible financing solutions that are custom-tailored for your particular needs and capabilities.


Together with our partner Siemens Finance Services, we have already helped many customers with custom-tailored financing. Now we are expanding this program with particularly attractive conditions for SIPLACE SX machines and lines. Since SFS is a specialist for investments in production equipment and we know the value of our machines better than anyone, we are able to offer terms and conditions that are particularly attractive and flexible for our customers.

Stefan Techau, Head of ASMPT Europe







How smart financing works today



You pay for your investment from the added performance and efficiency of your new SIPLACE SX line. You can even include expansions, additional ASMPT options and third-party solutions in the package deal – also retroactively.







starting at € 9,000 per month

1 x DEK Printer starting at € 1,140 per month  
1 x Process Expert starting at € 1,570 per month  
One year later, new customer orders require you to add capacity. The flexible interchangeable gantries of the SIPLACE SX make this easy:
2 x SIPLACE Interchangeable Gantries starting at € 1,700 per month
If you want to keep the original monthly rates constant, you can extend the term for the whole package.


















Intelligent financing


With the innovative and flexible payment plans of our financing partner SFS you expand your entrepreneurial scope by spreading your investment costs over the equipment’s usable life intelligently and in line with your budget.

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The terms and conditions outlined herein are only indicative and subject to a credit check and acceptance by our partner Siemens Financial Services GmbH.


The terms and conditions outlined herein might not be all-inclusive and are based upon information provided to date. The financing terms and conditions are only indicative and subject to formal credit approval by Siemens Financial Services. This proposal does not represent an offer or commitment by Lessor to enter into a lease transaction or to purchase the Equipment described in this proposal, and does not create any obligation for Lessor. A commitment to enter into the transaction described herein may only be extended by Lessor after this transaction has been approved by all necessary credit and other authorities within Lessor and a “written commitment letter” has been issued by Lessor. All information and quotations here are completely subject to legal requirements of the respective country.