• What does SMT mean? and have you heard about SMA, SMC or SMP?


    OEM                 Original Equipment Manufacturer

    SMA                 Surface-mount assembly (module assembled with SMT)


    SMC                 Surface-mount components (components for SMT)


    SMD                 Surface Mount Devices


    SME                  Surface-mount equipment (SMT assembling machines)


    SMEMA          Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association


    SMT                  Surface Mount Technology


    SMP                  Surface-mount packages (SMD case forms)

  • What does EMS mean? & what is SPI? 



    EMS        Electronic Manufacturing Service


    AMF      Auto Mount Feedback 

    AOI        Automated Optical Inspection 


    AXI        Automatic X-ray inspection 


    SPI         Solder Paste Inspection

    BGA        Ball Grid Array - a type of SMD

  • What does CPH stand for?



    CPH                  Components Per Hour

    EMC                 Electromagnetic Compatibility

    EMI                   Electromagnetic interference 


    EMT                  Electronic Manufacturing Technology 


    ESD                   Electrostatic Discharge 

    FOV                 Field of view

    PCB                 Printed Circuit Board


    THT                 Through Hole Technology (used in connection with soldering)